Caring For Your Jewelry

All products featured on are selected with the hope that they are passed down from generation to generation as heirlooms. In order to ensure the life of your jewelry, we suggest you take special care in preserving the quality. Below are tips on how to clean your jewelry as well as instructions for proper storage.


Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Sterling silver tarnishes naturally and requires occasional cleaning.

Clean sterling silver and gold vermeil regularly with a soft polishing cloth to remove light tarnishing.

For heavy tarnishing, use a commercial jewelry cleaning solution, which can be found in many home supply stores. Follow the manufacturer's instructions very carefully.

Do not use cleaning solutions, polishes and/or tarnish removers on pearls, gemstones, resins, fabric or silver jewelry with oxidized finishes.

Plated Jewelry (including Palladium) and Stainless Steel

To avoid ruining the solvents used in plated or enamel items, these items should only be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth. They do not usually require regular polishing.


Store jewelry in storage cases to help prevent oxidization and tarnishing, which occurs as a reaction to oxygen.

Store jewelry away from heat sources and sunlight. A jewelry storage case is the perfect way to protect your purchase.

Store jewelry separately or in segmented compartments so as to not scratch other jewelry items.

Wear And Care

Avoid wearing jewelry in chlorinated water or around harsh chemicals as it can severely discolor and damage jewelry as well as loosen stones and settings.

To preserve gold vermeil do not expose it to water.



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