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Pan American Boeing 707 Wing Rib Cufflinks

Item Code: TC-707R
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The aluminum fuselage used in this item is taken from the authentic Boeing 707 used by Pan Am in 1983 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of 707 jet service and was hand-picked by Tokens & Icons. The cufflinks are constructed from a section of the fuselage from this now-retired Pan American Boeing 707, recreating the shape of the planeÕs gravity-defying wing ribs. Each pair incorporates the planeÕs feather-light aluminum and original sky-blue paint, harking back to a time when air travel was a luxury, an event for which gentlemen donned suits, ties and yes, cuff links. This collection is a registered trademark of Pan American World Airways, Inc. Boeing 707 service on the North Atlantic was the first pure jet service by a U.S. airline and marked the beginning of age of jet transport. Twenty-five years after its introduction, Pan Am decided to have a celebration worthy of its historic achievement, duplicating as closely as possible the original inaugural flight. A Boeing 707 was stripped to bare metal and repainted to duplicate the color scheme used on the original 707 in 1958. To make the recreation authentic, popular magazines and newspapers from 1958 were placed in the seat pockets, 1958 movies were shown on board, and the dinner menu was adopted from the 1958 MaximÕs of Paris version used on the inaugural.
  • Approximately 1 1/8" x 3/8"
  • Crafted from authentic fuselage of Pan American Boeing 707, N880PA
  • Set in Sterling Silver with bullet back closure
  • Officially licensed by Pan American
  • Comes gift-boxed with an authentication instruction card
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