style="text-align: center;">We are tremendously honored to share the incredible Sam Spector's styling for Neil Patrick Harris at the 87th Academy Awards. Sam worked for months with the multi-talented Oscar host, Neil Patrick Harris, and included our designer Ox and Bull among his accessories to match his solid collection of tuxedos and suits.

Taking to the red carpet, NPH paired his bespoke Brunello Cucinelli suit with a Hamilton French cuff and our Ox and Bull Silver Knot Stud Set to complete the look. (below)


In the opening act, Sam styled Neil in a crisp classic, Ox and Bull Silver and Mother of Pearl Stud Set. (below)

NpH host

A grand total of 5 costume changes, our friends over at received an incredible look behind the scenes.

Sam and Neil during one of their many fittings. (below)


1424470430708_neil-patrick-harris-oscars-style-05Take a look at the entire feature over at

A huge thanks to Sam and a job well done to Neil!

Photo Credits: GQ, Jon Snyder, Getty & Wire Images