The Perfect Sentimental Gift: New Custom Photo Engraved Cufflinks

Life is short, and its up to us to celebrate the best moments in life. In appreciation of those moments, I'm proud to announce that we now have the capability of engraving photo quality images to remember these moments. A beloved grandfather, my beautiful wedding day, the birth of a daughter. These cufflinks span 4 generations of people dear to me. I'm not always a sentimental man, but sometimes it's astounding how a small item can capture a beautiful memory. - as told by Adam (oldest brother)

A perfect gift, requiring only a decent photo, could be cherished for a lifetime. Use an idea from engravings we have done, or come up with your own for the perfect gift for your loved one:
• Twins: Each one on a separate cufflink
• Your children featured with separate images on the pair
• Beloved pets: cattle, dogs, etc.
• Use those professional photos you paid for in another way!
• A loved one that can no longer be with you in person on a special day

Requirements for the Photo(s) Cufflinks:
• The file size should be a minimum of 200KB and a maximum of 2MB. The higher the resolution, the better. A higher resolution results in more detail and a greater clarity of the resulting image
• Jpeg file format
• A good clear image with a nice contrast between the subject and the background

Steps to getting your photo custom engraved on cufflinks:
1. Order either the square or circle custom engraved cufflinks from
2. Send the image(s) to, be really clear on which part of the image should be used if it isn’t clear by the photo – extra points if you add your Sales Order number to the email.
3. Usually ships in 2-3 business days. (May take up to 1 week to ship during the holiday season)

We love hearing the stories you send with the photos or the thrilled reactions from your loved one. This is the perfect gift for any occasion.
“Those cufflinks are simply amazing!!!  Thank you so much!  My brother-in-law was brought to tears!  I could not be happier with this order!!!!!  Thank you!” - Leigh

Photo cufflinks hints

We can engrave photos on almost any of our other Engravable Stainless Steel Cufflinks (*price may change) in stock. Please reach out to for any custom requests. Or by phone at 1-877-283-3565.


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