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If you’re interviewing at a place with a more traditional environment, break out your grey suit. Grey is versatile and more modern than a brown or navy suit. Black is okay, but… everyone wears a black suit. Stand out, but do so subtly. Make sure the suit is tailored to you. If not, you can come off looking sloppy. Details are key here, because you want to show you’re detail-oriented. So the point is to accessorize, but not too much. You can’t go wrong with a French cuff shirt and a stylish pair of cufflinks. It’s a nice way to add a bit of personality but with tact. Something classic like a silver tone pair engraved is ideal. We’ve got a few suggestions of some fantastic pairs that would work well. 

Engraved Cufflinks


Make sure your shoe game is on point, and NEVER, I repeat, NEVER wear sneakers. No exceptions. Make sure your shoes are polished and in good shape. Moore & Giles offers a great Shoe Polish kit, which is always a good thing to have handy. Need a few pointers on where to start? Take a look at our How To Polish Your Shoes post. Always have a nice pair of dress socks on, and it’s okay to show a little flair with a fun pattern or a bit of color. 

Shoe Polish Kit


Lest we forget, grooming is also essential here, so break out your dopp kit. Make sure your beard is trimmed or you’re clean shaven. Hair should be styled but don’t get weird. Now is not the ideal time to try the mohawk you’ve always dreamed of. Wear a neutral deodorant, and go light on the cologne. Basically, the interviewer shouldn’t smell you across the table. 

 Dopp Kit


Follow these tips and we’ll take you out for drinks to celebrate your new job. Because you got this. Be yourself, be confident, and dress for success.