Graduation Gifts: Choose a gift they will cherish for life

As we approach graduation season, I know that it is usually our best intention to give a graduation gift that the graduate will both appreciate and use. Graduations are a great accomplishment and milestone whether they are graduating from high-school or law school – and a perfect time to give the gift that will mark that achievement.

One way to mark the occasion is to give a personalized engraved gift. Engraved Graduation gifts are a perfect way to give a gift they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Our Graduation Day Degree Cufflinks lets you engrave the initials and degree of the graduate. Any engraved cufflinks or engraved Tie Bar is a personalized gift any graduate will love.

Graduation Day Degree Cufflinks

A second idea for graduation gifts is to give a gift the graduate can use in the next step of their lives. A messenger bag, travel bag or portfolio is a great gift as they enter the professional world. A nice watch is a gift they can wear to work everyday and is a confidence boost.

A final idea is give a classic pair of cufflinks or Tie Bar that would never go out of style. Ox and Bull Trading Co. brand is our classic brand. Classic Knot Cufflinks or a Sterling Silver Tie Bar will never NOT look good.


More important than the gift you give the graduate is the time and effort you give them. A hand-written card with a message marking that occasion and their achievement will be remembered longer than any gift. Making the effort to attend the dinner or party marking the occasion is another way they will know that you are important to them.

PS. Or give the gift of remembering their alma mater with our NCAA accessories.


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