Let your cuffs do all the talking.

French cuff shirts -- the latest addition to our men's fashion catalog -- deliver a sophisticated look for any occasion. The new selection by a href="https://www.cufflinks.comshopbydesigner/shop-oxandbulltradingco.html">Ox and Bull Trading Co. offers a customized shopping experience, allowing you to tailor a new shirt suited to your needs. Our assortment starts with the basics that will become the new staples of your wardrobe. All are designed with a French cuff, a French placket, and a classic fit, but you can customize your shirt with your pick of color, material, sleeve length, and collar type.

Our French cuff shirts supply a sense of style you won't easily find with other dress shirts. French cuffs lend to the high-class or everyday wardrobe ensemble, are easy to put on and pair quite well with your favorite set of cufflinks. From black-tie events to casual social hours, French cuff shirts make the perfect addition to the modern guise.

What Are French Cuff Shirts?

French cuffs are versatile. They can be dressed up for the formal occasion or worn as a touch of class in the workplace. Also known as "double cuffs," French cuffs are twice as long as conventional button cuffs and are folded back over themselves, creating a double layered cuff that is fastened with a cufflink. In other words, French cuff shirts are button-up shirts with fancier, button-less cuffs, with the intention to use cufflinks to keep the cuff closed. French cuff shirts also typically include a French placket, which differs from your standard button-up in the way the fabric is folded around the buttons on the front of the shirt. The French placket offers a cleaner and a bit dressier look, since the fabric is folded inwards and no stitching is visible from the front.

The French cuffs are meant to extend beyond the sleeve of a jacket just enough to be prominent–and show off your cufflinks–while refraining from being too drawn-out. Unlike traditional button or barrel cuffs, which are closed by a button, French cuffs offer a bit more versatility and allow you to better express your sense of style by accessorizing with unique cufflinks. Give your French cuff shirt a personal touch by showing love for your favorite team with a pair of officially licensed sports cufflinks, superhero cufflinks or custom engraved cufflinks.

Easy to Wear

It is just a shirt after all…

Pairing French cuff shirts with cufflinks are an excellent way to showcase your personal style. Most commonly paired with a suit, French cuff shirts can also be worn with a sweater, blazer, or sport coat, even with jeans, for a more casual look while still being able to express a little personality and style through your cuffs. The best part about French cuffs is that they can be fastened with a set of cufflinks, buttons or silk knots, giving you the perfect opportunity to personalize your look. While French cuff shirts may appear to be excessively elongated, folding over the cuffs and fastening them with a cufflink achieves a bold yet refined look.

How to Wear a French Cuff Shirt

It’s really quite simple: fold back the cuffs and make sure the holes are aligned, then insert the cufflink backing through the holes and secure it. Slip on a nice dress jacket over your French cuff shirt and you're ready to turn heads wherever you go! Now all you need is the right fashion accessories to add an extra personalized touch to your outfit.

Pairs Well with Cufflinks

Functional and fashionable.

Cufflinks enable you to customize your formal attire while still falling in-line with the intended dress code. You can also wear a French cuff shirt with a casual outfit as an opportunity to show off your cufflinks. Simply exchanging a french cuff shirt for a standard button-up in a casual outfit dresses up your look just enough without being overdressed. CuffLinks.com's new supply of French cuff shirts go perfectly with our expansive selection of cufflinks for men. From a set of custom engraved cufflinks to luxury gold cufflinks, every style of cufflinks look flawless on French cuffs. If you're looking for ways to take your wardrobe to a whole new level, be sure to check out these high end cufflinks for women and men.