Bracelets for Men: Fashionable Styles for Summer

Bracelets for Men: Fashionable Styles for Summer


Yes guys, it’s okay to wear bracelets... 


Summer is the perfect time to show off your fashion sense - and as every fashion-conscious man knows - the devil is in the details. Whether you are sporting a t-shirt or business attire, men’s bracelets are a trendy accessory to instantly add personality to your wardrobe. Bracelets lend simple distinction, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. From men’s leather bracelets to beaded bracelets, check out the most popular summer styles and trends from for the fashion forward man.


Trending Bracelet Styles for Men


Men’s Leather Bracelets


Men’s leather bracelets are a versatile accessory and great accompaniment to your summer attire. While leather bracelets work well by themselves, try mixing and stacking them for a unique look.



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Men’s Beaded Bracelets


Men’s beaded bracelets are a fresh addition to casual wear. From board shorts to polos, wood and natural colored beaded bracelets work well with a wide variety of outfits and styles.



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Men’s Sports Bracelets


Own a piece of history and proudly display your team spirit with bracelets made from authentic MLB game used balls. These men’s bracelets are the peak of style for the ultimate sports fan.



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Tips for Wearing Men’s Bracelets


  1. Go ahead and stack ‘em: Stack up as many cool men’s leather and beaded bracelets on the same wrist as you like, but don’t go for multiples of thick, metal bracelets. Similarly, a wristwatch looks okay with thinner bracelets, but not with a thick metal one. Don’t mix more than one big metal band on the same wrist.
  2. Match the occasion with your bracelets: One of the most important rules to remember with men’s accessories is to keep it simple. Men’s bracelets should be a subtle addition to compliment any outfit, they shouldn’t be the focus. Pair metal bracelets with dressier attire, and wood beaded bracelets with casual gear.


From Men’s wooden bead bracelets to woven leather bracelets, sports bracelets and everything in between, is your one-stop-shop for cool bracelets for men. Be sure to pair your new bracelets with other great men’s fashion accessories including engraved cufflinks, unique tie clips, and dress shirt studs.


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