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You made it through, you survived. No huge mistake happened and at the end of the day you got married! Now you are thinking about how it truly takes a village to put together such an event and you should probably thank them. Maybe you are thinking more than a handwritten note would also be wise considering how this vendor or party member went above and beyond for you and your better half.
Alright ladies. I get it. You might not want your wedding pictures to have lightsabers in them or anything that doesn’t look human. I really get it. But…..maybe you or the future Mr. LOVES Stars Wars and would feel incomplete without the fandom in your big day. Do Not Panic. We got you. Your wedding pictures will still look glamorous and your wedding party will have the memory of Star Wars as part of your wedding.
On your big day, you do not want to forget about finding a special time on your wedding day to have a moment with the man that raised you. When you give your groomsmen their gifts also give your dad something special to wear on your big day.

Going to the Chapel: Groomsmen Gift Ideas

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A lot goes into your wedding day. The colors, the invites, the table assignments….ugh. Picking a great gift for your groomsmen should be fun and simple. These three main ideas should make sure you find the right gift to fit your wedding party.



Going to the Chapel: Wedding Planning – Choosing a Wedding Theme

Posted in Blog Wedding Inspiration: Going to the Chapel
If you have ever thought about getting married, you probably have thought about how you will look on your big day. When planning for your wedding day, you most importantly want to be wearing items that reflect you as a couple.


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