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Are you going to be marrying your hero? Is he the Clark Kent to your Wonder Woman? Or the Peter Parker to your Mary Jane? Help him feel like the super hero that you see but in an elegant way. Surprise your man with our licensed DC and Marvel accessories. Their subtle designs give him just enough confidence without overbearing the classy look you have planned.

Get out your lucky pens, your spinners, your dice, or what ever you use to pick your sleepers. It is Tourney Time! Time do the minimal amount of research into what 12 seed has a cinderella’s chance to be the next Loyola-Chicago. For the next few weeks we get to hear about schools you never heard of getting the chance to play on the big stage against big boys (Lipscomb, Iona), the constant question of which one seed is going to fall first. For the sake of Virginia’s sanity hopefully it never see’s the Retriever’s of UMBC again.

Life is short, and its up to us to celebrate the best moments in life. In appreciation of those moments, I'm proud to announce that we now have the capability of engraving photo quality images to remember these moments. A beloved grandfather, my beautiful wedding day, the birth of a daughter. These cufflinks span 4 generations of people dear to me. I'm not always a sentimental man, but sometimes it's astounding how a small item can capture a beautiful memory. - Adam (oldest brother)

Where to Place a Tie Bar with MyDapperSelf

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You may have #Ties and #TieBars but do you know the rules of where to place that Tie Bar? @MyDapperSelf walks you through the why, where, and how to wear a Tie Bar or Tie Clip. Get some interesting details and learn the real deal behind Tie Bars. My Dapper Self is wearing The Andrew Tie by Ox and Bull and the Gold Etched Lines Tie Clip also by Ox and Bull. See more of your favorite Ties and Tie Bars.



Fall Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC Comics items!

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We love a classic look of cufflinks, ties, and tiebars. We love a solid classic, timeless look. However, we also LOVE our licenses and all the fun and fashionable items they bring us as well. You can’t wear your 10 year old Graphic T-Shirt at most jobs. Its just fun to wear a well-designed tie, cufflinks, or tiebar with a favorite character, movie, or tv show included within the piece. SO, introducing some of our licenses new FALL 2018 items for Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, and DC Comics.



2018 Fall Line of Cufflinks, Inc and Ox and Bull

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We are thrilled to show you most of our new Fall 2018 products for Ox and Bull Trading Company and Cufflinks, Inc. We are introducing new stones, new designs, and fun additions to their already fun and classic collections. Let us show you….



The Gentlemen's Collection- New Ox and Bull Ties Turks and Caicos Photoshoot

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We are thrilled to launch The Gentlemen’s Collection of new classic Tie Designs from Ox and Bull. All 100% Silk, these modern ties will strike a chord whether you are at the office, out with the guys, or on a first interview. We got the gentlemen of the office to step out one afternoon for a Happy Hour so they could show off the new ties for you.



Where can I find French Cuff Shirts?

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I have been asked this question a few times lately – “Where do I find French Cuff Shirts?”. I mean, what good is loving cufflinks if you can’t find a shirt to wear with them? Well don’t worry! I have done the Googling for you. There are honestly probably a lot more websites that offer French Cuff shirts, but below are some of my search favorites broken down between custom and non-custom shirts.



Going to the Chapel: Thank You Gifts for your Wedding Vendors and Party

Posted in Blog Wedding Inspiration: Going to the Chapel
You made it through, you survived. No huge mistake happened and at the end of the day you got married! Now you are thinking about how it truly takes a village to put together such an event and you should probably thank them. Maybe you are thinking more than a handwritten note would also be wise considering how this vendor or party member went above and beyond for you and your better half.



Announcement: We are Moving

Posted in Blog is excited to announce that we are moving our headquarters to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to be near our family’s parent company. Our company was started in Dallas, TX in 1999 and we thank the DFW business community for supporting and fostering its growth.

Due to our relocation across the country, we will NOT be shipping orders from June 29th – July 8th. We will resume operations on Monday, July 9th. Your patience during our unavoidable downtime is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support of this company for almost 20 years and we invite you to share our excitement for all that is to come.


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