Everything around Valentines Day seems to be geared towards gift buying, but I think men would want some fresh ideas into kinds of dates to take your sweetie on this Valentines Day. Our team came up with 4 Types of Valentines Day Dates: Classy/Cozy, Weekend Away, The Classic, and Over the Top Evening. Let us suggest date ideas AND the type of outfit to wear on those Valentines Day Dates.


Cufflinks.com Comfy, Cozy Date

Classy, Cozy – Cuddle it up

Valentines Day doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. Wearing slacks and a cableknit sweater with your accessories creates a nice date night look, yet more casual. Date ideas:

  • Go on a sleigh ride – good cuddles and conversation
  • Ice Skating – bit more active yet romantic and sweet
  • Stay in and make dinner and watch Netflix

Details of Classy, Cozy outfit


Cufflinks.com Weekend Away Valentines Date

Weekend Away – Be Adventurers

When Valentines Day falls in the middle of the week, that leaves the weekend before and after to get away for an extra special Valentines adventure. Wear nice dark jeans, collared shirt, dressy winter coat (maybe with a scarf) to impress your date.

Date ideas:

  • Book a Bed and Breakfast somewhere new to both of you
  • Explore that new town
  • Get a massage – always good to relax together
  • Take a hike or other outdoor offerings that town offers

Details of Weekend Away outfit


Cufflinks.com The Classic Date Outfit

The Classic – Dinner and a Show

Wearing a suit with accessories and going out for dinner and show isn’t a bad idea either. Just plan ahead and get reservations to impress your date.

  • Fancy dinner reservation
  • Movie theater – make sure your date likes the same kind of movie as you do
  • Go to the theater – little fancier than the movie idea
  • Dancing – perhaps a salsa or ballroom class

Details of The Classic outfit


Cufflinks.com Over the Top Date Outfit

Over the Top Evening – When you really want to have a memorable date

What better reason to dust off your black tie wear than Valentines Day? Add the formal stud set and a few details to complete your look.

Date ideas:

  • Candlelit – 3-5 course meal
  • Symphony – feel fancy
  • Ballet #realmenwatchballet
  • Charity Event – give back while impressing

Details for the Over the Top Evening outfit

We hope you have a great Valentines Day with your sweetheart and make it something they will never forget!

Ladies - These items would make great gifts for Valentines Day, hint hint, wink, wink.