The Gentlemen's Collection- New Ox and Bull Ties Turks and Caicos Photoshoot

We are thrilled to launch The Gentlemen’s Collection of new classic Tie Designs from Ox and Bull. All 100% Silk, these modern ties will strike a chord whether you are at the office, out with the guys, or on a first interview. We got the gentlemen of the office to step out one afternoon for a Happy Hour so they could show off the new ties for you. 

In case you were wondering, no Sioux Falls, South Dakota does not have natural Palm Trees. But if you go to our Caribbean Resturant - they do!

Derek is in The Andrew Tie (Blue Orange Stripe Men's Tie) and Julian is wearing The Zachary Tie (Gray Quatrefoil Men's Tie). What's a quatrefoil? I asked myself the same question: A quatrefoil is an ornamental design of four lobes or leaves as used in architectural tracery, resembling a flower or four-leaf clover.

Jacob is in The Phillip Tie (Burgundy Stripe Men's Tie) and Tyson is in The Hector Tie (Blue Houndstooth Dot Men's Tie).

The Gentlemen's Collection Ties

On the left, Taylor is in The Edward Tie (Gold Check Men's Tie), Brandon is in The Mitchell Tie (Iridescent Basketweave Men's Tie), and Adam is in The Travis Tie (Navy Pink Stripe Men's Tie

PS: If you fell in love with one of the cufflinks or Tie Bars you saw on these gentlemen…don’t fret, they are coming soon.


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