Going to the Chapel: Star Wars Wedding

Alright ladies. I get it. You might not want your wedding pictures to have lightsabers in them or anything that doesn’t look human. I really get it. But…maybe you or the future Mr. LOVES Stars Wars and would feel incomplete without the fandom in your big day. Do Not Panic. We got you. Your wedding pictures will still look glamourous and your wedding party will have the memory of Star Wars as part of your wedding.

Our Star Wars Accessories are subtlety designed into fashionable and trendy patterns. Your guests will not even know the wedding party are draped in Star Wars until they are greeting your guests after the wedding. Here are our suggestions from more subdued to super fan.

Cufflinks: Can and should be worn by the groom and his groomsmen. We have over 100 different sets of Star Wars cufflinks for you to choose from. For bonus points, pair your cufflinks with our matching Star War Shirt Studs. Here are some of our favorite pairings.

•Groom: Darth Vader; Groomsmen: Stormtrooper – super classic

•Groom: Han Solo; Groomsmen: Chewbacca

•Groom: Millennium Falcon; Groomsmen: Droids

Ties: We have over 50 officially licensed Star Wars ties that will look great on the entire wedding party. Young and old alike will enjoy these ties that fit within many common wedding colors. Most of our ties have been designed with a subtle touch to not be immediately recognized as being from a galaxy far, far away. Patterns include paisley, stripes, dots, and more.

Tie Bars: It is your wedding day after all, finish off that tie properly. Our tie bar gift sets ensure your tie bar and cufflinks coordinate perfectly – or shop our individual tie bars and clips for a huge selection! We have lightsabers, hyperdrive, symbols, and quotes for your dad, groom and groomsmen in stainless steel and satin black.

Socks: This is quite possibly the easiest way to incorporate your fandom into your wedding day. Match to their other items or have that be the only surprise that day for photos. Our men's socks are easy to give the night before the wedding or when you ask the guys to stand by your side.

Remember, your wedding day is the day when you get to be the best version of yourself. Be fun, be classy, be YOU (or the best version of you as a couple). Looking for more ideas? We are lucky enough to be included in the Bridal Guides List of 11 Wedding Ideas for the Star Wars Wedding.

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