We are thrilled to show you most of our new Fall 2018 products for Ox and Bull Trading Company and Cufflinks, Inc. We are introducing new stones, new designs, and fun additions to their already fun and classic collections. Let us show you…. We already showed you our new ties from The Gentlemen’s Collection. You might not have noticed, but our employees were only wearing the new Ox and Bull collection. Below are a few photos from that photo session. But - Ox and Bull has so much more to give you with perfectly modern new designs in Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel. Designs you already love like Day of the Dead (with Mother of Pearl) and Knots make their appearance this Fall. My favorite: Moving parts cufflinks. (check our video out on Instagram) Coming a little later this fall are Floating Crystals cufflinks, Carbon Fiber and MORE which we know you will LOVE. Here are some photos of the new Fall 2018 Ox and Bull Line.

Cufflinks Inc, is our novelty to classic line featuring items inspired by everyday life and your thoughts of your childhood. This fall we bring you game pieces, snack item, your favorite building blocks, and current popular culture references. Without further adou, here are some photos of the new Cufflinks, Inc Fall 2018 Line

Some more from the Fall Cufflinks, Inc Line:

Your favorite items are 15% when you spend >$150  with code DAPPER.  Happy Fall Fashion everyone!