Custom Accessories for your Business

Custom business accessories

Have you ever looked at a logo and thought: that would look great on a cufflink?

Because we have! In fact, that’s all we do here in the Custom Sales department at Cufflinks, Inc. Our entire focus is on how to take your design and turn it into a custom men’s accessory, to be worn and enjoyed for years to come. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy for any company or organization, and elevates your branding into something elegant, fun, creative, and unique. Forget cheap t-shirts and caps: wearing your logo can now be an Instagram-worthy event.

Here’s how it works:

First, our Custom Sales Specialist receives your inquiry about our custom products, and carefully guides you through every option until we find the right product that works just for you. We have everything your brand needs: cufflinks, tie clips, lapel pins, neck ties, pocket squares, women’s scarves, earrings, pendants, and so much more.


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How to Tie a 4 In Hand Tie Knot

Do you want to learn how to tie a four-in-hand tie knot that you can rely on every day? The Four-In-Hand knot is timeless and the must-know knot for all men. It is easy to tie and its slender and tapered design works best with wide neckties made from heavy fabrics. The simplicity and versatility make the Four-In-Hand an easy go-to for professionals.

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What should I wear to a Wedding: Going to the Chapel Series

This is always a dreaded subject, what should I wear to a wedding? People say that you can never be overdressed, but oh my that is wrong. But being underdressed might be worse. Luckily, we are here to help navigate you toward the best look that will give you the utmost confidence. Below we will be giving you some tips on what to wear to a wedding based on 3 basic wedding dress codes.

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Your Superhero Wedding: Make Your Groom Feel Like a Hero

Are you going to be marrying your hero? Is he the Clark Kent to your Wonder Woman? Or the Peter Parker to your Mary Jane? Help him feel like the super hero that you see but in an elegant way. Surprise your man with our licensed DC and Marvel accessories. Their subtle designs give him just enough confidence without overbearing the classy look you have planned.

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Going to the Chapel: Star Wars Wedding

Alright ladies. I get it. You might not want your wedding pictures to have lightsabers in them or anything that doesn’t look human. I really get it. But…maybe you or the future Mr. LOVES Stars Wars and would feel incomplete without the fandom in your big day. Do Not Panic. We got you. Your wedding pictures will still look glamorous and your wedding party will have the memory of Star Wars as part of your wedding.

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Going to the Chapel: Thank You Gifts for your Wedding Vendors and Party

You made it through, you survived. No huge mistake happened and at the end of the day you got married! Now you are thinking about how it truly takes a village to put together such an event and you should probably thank them. Maybe you are thinking more than a handwritten note would also be wise considering how this vendor or party member went above and beyond for you and your better half.

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March Madness 2019: Time to fill out your Brackets and #WearYourTeamBetter

Get out your lucky pens, your spinners, your dice, or what ever you use to pick your sleepers. It is Tourney Time! Time do the minimal amount of research into what 12 seed has a cinderella’s chance to be the next Loyola-Chicago. For the next few weeks we get to hear about schools you never heard of getting the chance to play on the big stage against big boys (Lipscomb, Iona), the constant question of which one seed is going to fall first. For the sake of Virginia’s sanity hopefully it never see’s the Retriever’s of UMBC again.

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