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  • What Will Frank Wear


                It’s been a long, hard winter, and if you aren’t suffering from Cabin Fever, you may be trembling with House of Cards withdrawals.  So we don’t have to tell you that the Season 3 premier is rthe 27th (commence your countdown of hours and minutes).  But when the Winter winds howl (I don’t care if you live in Arizona, there’s something howling out there, trust me) you probably get a-thinkin’, now that Frank has become Mr. President, what will he be wearing this season?  We have our #WWFW extravaganza in full swing, and we think we have a few educated guesses as to what that Kevin Spacey will be sporting this season.


    1. Simon Carter Classic Black Baton Indices Watch

    Old Frank is nothing if not sneaky.  His if ya got it, don’t flaunt it mindset lends itself to this elegant, understated gentleman’s watch.  When Frank needs to know what time it is, it’s so he can secret himself off and arrange something that no one, not a soul is to know about.  You can’t glint and shine when you roll that way.


    2. Ox and Bull Frank U Cufflinks

    We’re going way out on a limb here.  These are Frank Underwood cufflinks.  Which of your wrists gets F and which U?  Darling, it depends on your company, doesn’t it?  And if you’d like to go with different initials, the power is yours.


    3Ox and Bull Blue Silk Skinny Tie

    This Ox and Bull silk tie could be 90% silk.  It could weasel its way through life at 97.4 or 98.3.  And the kind of people drawn to that kind of thing would fawn over it.  But Frank is a man of integrity, at least when it comes to skinny ties.  He’s a 100% silk man.  And this lilting indigo is his color, all the way.


    4.  NeroUno Linea Chrome Trim Fountain Pen

    Is it a pen or a fashion accessory?  The sleek NeroUno Linea Chrome Trim Fountain Pen is Pure Frank: shiny on the outside and dark in the center, economical and effective.



    5 American Flag Lapel Pin

    What other nation’s flag would you trust to pin your lapel?  Watch closely this season, and at some point, you’re bound to see Frank wearing this item.  Point at your screen, spill your drink on your friend, cackle, and start shouting “I told you! I knew it!”


    6. American Flag Cufflinks

    An American flag stovepipe hat?  Not really Frank.  Socks?  We hear Spacey has a “no ankles” clause in his contract.  No, sir or madam, you’ll be seeing our hero in these elegant cufflinks.  Enamel, with a plated base metal setting, these patriotic numbers will add a little color to your outfit.

    Follow us @cufflinksdotcom on facebook and instagram and let us know what you spot Frank wearing! 

  • Well Suited: Neil Patrick Harris hosts the Oscars

    We are tremendously honored to share the incredible Sam Spector's styling for Neil Patrick Harris at the 87th Academy Awards. Sam worked for months with the multi-talented Oscar host, Neil Patrick Harris, and included our designer Ox and Bull among his accessories to match his solid collection of tuxedos and suits.

    Taking to the red carpet, NPH paired his bespoke Brunello Cucinelli suit with a Hamilton French cuff and our Ox and Bull Silver Knot Stud Set to complete the look.


    In the opening act, Sam styled Neil in a crisp classic, Ox and Bull Silver and Mother of Pearl Stud Set.

    NpH host

    A grand total of 5 costume changes, our friends over at received an incredible
    look behind the scenes.

    Sam and Neil during one of their many fittings.


    1424470430708_neil-patrick-harris-oscars-style-05Take a look at the entire feature over at

    A huge thanks to Sam and a job well done to Neil!

    Photo Credits: GQ, Jon Snyder, Getty & Wire Images

  • The Power of a Pocket Square

    One of the simplest, yet most impactful ways to elevate your look is to bring something new to the table. However, something new doesn't always mean you have to shell out a bunch of dough. Sometimes it can be as simple as a new fold for your pocket square.

    Let us help you get your square game on point this year with 3 new folds you won't find anywhere else.

    pocket squares2

    Featured - Star Wars Imperial Navy Pocket Square // On Sale Today for $20.99

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  • The Essential Guide to Tie Bars

    I was recently at a wedding and noticed a nicely dressed chap.  The suit was properly tailored, wearing a nice set of brogues, elegant pocket square and a great silver tie bar. I thought to myself, this is a guy who gets it. Later on I noticed that his tie was moving about rather freely, and I went in for a closer look. A tie bar is actually the easiest accessory to wear, but a lot of elements come in to play for it to be a successful look. First and foremost, the tie bar serves a functional purpose.


    A tie bar is meant to hold your tie and shirt together. Placing the tie bar into the placket of your shirt is an absolute must.  Please guys, don’t forget this most important step.

    Now that we have gotten that detail out of the way, what next?


    How wide do I go?


    There are traditionalists and style of the Mad Men era that wear a tie bar that matches the width of your tie. But, for a modern/fresher approach, choose a tie bar that lands between ½ and ¾ of the width of your tie.  Lastly, for the love of all that is fashionable, NEVER choose a tie bar that goes beyond the width of your tie. Consider this the Tie Bar Golden Rule.

    Where the heck does this thing go?


    If your tie bar is too low or too high, you can end up looking awkward and sloppy. You sir, are neither, so get the perfect placement by placing the tie bar at the base of your sternum. (This should be between the 3rd and 4th button of your shirt.)  As long as you fit within this zone, you can adjust the tie bar to your preference. The modern take is to place the tie bar higher in the zone to achieve a slimming look, while classic enthusiasts will tell you to keep the tie bar placed relatively low within the zone.

    Alright, now which color?


    This is really where your personal preference comes into play, as there are no right or wrong answers. If you’re confident enough to go bold, consider a tie bar with a color, pattern, novelty, or theme. A small pop of color on the tie can really elevate your look. For those with more classic tastes, a good rule to follow is to match the metal accents on your other accessories.  As long as you feel confident in your selection, you have no need to worry.

    Ok, now when do I wear one?

    A better question should be when shouldn’t you wear one? Any time you’re sporting a tie, slap on a tie bar. Now, you’re stylish.  Our only suggestion on when not to wear one would simply be to not over accessorize. I love Mr. T, I wanted to be best friends with B.A. Baracus, but an accessory icon he is not. Cufflinks, tie bar, pocket square and lapel pins all are items that indicate that you are a man who cares about details. With that said, we suggest no more than 3 of these items at once.

  • OFF THE CUFF’s List of the Top 10 Cufflinks of 2014

    Accessories are the ultimate way to add color and personality to any outfit. From bold socks to the emergence of the lapel pin, 2014 was the “Year of the Accessory.”, the leader in men’s accessories, understands that the finishing piece to a man’s outfit is the perfect pair of cufflinks. As 2015 approaches, the company has compiled a list of the “Top 10 Cufflinks of 2014,” featuring the hottest styles that were flying off the web and onto men’s cuffs across the country.

    #10:     Cool Cut Moustache Cufflinks


    With the increase in popularity in mustaches and the Movember men’s health movement, the Cool Cut Moustache Cufflinks were one of the bestselling cufflinks of 2014. Stylish and purposeful, the Moustache Cufflinks give that hipster look while also giving back to a great cause. Each pair sold triggers a company donation to prostate cancer research.

    #9:       Pewter New York Cufflinks


    Shoppers in a “New York state of mind” were able to show their support of the Big Apple with these sophisticated cufflinks. After all, if home is where the heart is, then what better way to show that love and wear your heart on your sleeve? Hand cast in pewter and made in Texas, any home state can be represented.

    #8:       Stainless Bottle Opener Cufflinks


    Apropos for the tailgate or a celebratory beer in the boardroom, these truly functional cufflinks are the most stylish way to pop open your favorite stout, porter or IPA brew.

    #7:       Game Used San Francisco Giants Baseball Cufflinks


    Everyone loves a champion, and no one embodied winning better this year than the San Francisco Giants. Each pair is constructed of baseball stitches that were once used in an actual game. All cufflinks are authenticated by Major League Baseball and come with a hologram serial number, which can be looked up to discover more details of the game. Every MLB team is available as well.  Play ball!

    #6:       4GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks


    Not only James Bond-like, but actually used for a Bond film, the USB Flash Drive Cufflinks are the ultimate representation of function meeting fashion. Sleek and powerful, shoppers can store up to 1,000 mps3, photos and files at the convenience of your cuff.

    #5:       American Flag Cufflinks


    From politicians to professional athletes, the American Flag Cufflinks have been a favorite of the year. While political party lines continue to polarize nearly every subject matter, the one thing that binds us together is our love of country. The stars and stripes are the ultimate symbol of freedom and democracy – a truly exceptional design.

    #4:       Silver Knot Cufflinks


    Classic, timeless and can be worn with anything, the Silver Knot Cufflinks are one of the top cufflinks for 2014, and possibly every year moving forward. Polished silver executed into the strength of a knot, these are truly one of the quintessential cufflinks.

    #3:       Infinity Edge Engravable Cufflinks


    Every man should own a pair of cufflinks with their monogram. They are the perfect personalized gift and stand the test of time. 2014 featured a monogram explosion from hats to backpacks. We agree with the movement, but with sweet subtlety. Please don’t pair these with your monogrammed sleeves.

    #2:       Silver Watch Movement Cufflinks


    2014 marked the release of details on the iWatch, Fit Bit and other devices that will tell you everything from the time to your vital signs. The Watch Movement is a throwback to a more elegant time. The cufflinks feature movements taken from old watches and evoke a style from a different era.

    #1:       Superman Cufflinks


    Every boy grows up dreaming of being the Man of Steel. "Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!” These daring, resourceful cufflinks will make you feel one part Clark Kent, one part superhero.

    BONUS SELECTION FOR 2015 - I Love You, I Know Cufflinks


    2014 was a year of great anticipation for the upcoming Episode VII of the iconic futuristic series. From cast announcements to the recent trailer, Star Wars buzz is all around us. There’s no better way to celebrate Han, Leia and the rest of the crew than with one of the most iconic phrases in cinematic history. 2015 will be the year of Star Wars, and the brand’s bonus style selection bridges the future and the past.


  • Holiday Gift Event - Ox and Bull

    Black Friday was once a little movement for stores to present some great offers before the holidays. It has now become a shopping event that seems to last an entire month. Lucky for the shopper, we are embracing the gift giving season with a pre-Black Friday sales event. Shop classic cufflinks and men's accessories from menswear line Ox and Bull Trading Co. It is a favorite and has been recently worn on the red carpet by Ben Affleck, James Marsden, Dane Cook and Charles Kelly of Lady Antebellum just to name a few.



    For today only, we have 50 cufflinks for under $15. Stock up, save and gift to your heart's content.

    Click here -

  • A Travel Plea - A Don't of Air Travel

    As a father of small children, I often think of what the world will look like for them. What will air quality reports look like? What will the cost of a gallon of gas be, will they even be using gas? What will the Lindsey Lohans or the Kardashians of 2040 be like? In a short period of time the internet has changed everything. We are constantly available to any and everyone. My 2 year old can find a clip of his beloved Lightning McQueen on an iPod and we can shoot that onto our television with an Apple TV. You can record a show through your phone if you forgot to at home. When I grew up, there were still rotary phones, speed dial and call waiting were the most advanced things a phone could do. I'm still stuck trying to figure out how a fax machine even works. Alas, life has advanced I proclaim as I type this on my laptop in flight….connected to the internet. With all of these improvements, are people the last to do so?


    don draper



    Let's back up a few days. It's Monday morning and I am headed to La Guardia sitting, writing, thinking. Thoughts of Don Draper hit my mind as he headed to bright and sunny Los Angeles. He wore a suit and drank scotch in his seat on Pan Am. I know look around the plane and as luck would have it, I'm assigned a seat next to a guy closer to Fred Sanford. He's taken the liberty of taking his sandals off and eating a roast beef 7:15 am. Not a good look and not a pleasant surprise, inches away from me as I embark on a 4 hour flight. I can't help but stare at my in-flight neighbor.  I'm not one to complain about the invasion of civil liberties, I am incredibly thankful for the TSA. And due to TSA requirements, I understand why people wear flip flops/sandals on a flight. It is one less thing to concern yourself with as you rush through security to your flight.  I appreciate comfort as much as the next guy, well not as much as the next guy on this particular flight, he's reached comfort levels well beyond my needs.


    vintage air travel



    One man's convenience is another man's discomfort. Let me get back on topic here, 7:15 am, 4 hour flight, sitting next to a bare foot, occasionally crossing the leg. A naked, dirty foot inches away from me. Not cool.





    As much as I would enjoy a tip of the hat to the 60's where air travel was an event and people dressed accordingly at this point I would take people with less than desirable feet to cover them up. Please. There are plenty of great looking shoes out there for your comfort needs gents, let's do better for our fellow travelers!


  • How to Shine Your Shoes

    Life with a pregnant wife is a lot like being 21 again. Endless cocktails, late/wild nights and the hangovers don't even get me started on the hangovers. Well....not really, it's a lot of sitting on the couch watching old seasons of television shows on Netflix. Which finally brings me to my point on shining your shoes, which you should do. In season 6 of the (amazing) West Wing, Alan Alda, aka Senator Vinick proclaims, "My father used to say, you can't trust a man who doesn't shine his own shoes." I immediately thought about my shoes sitting in my dark closet, unshined and a feeling of guilt set in. As a youth, I recall purposefully trying to scuff up new shoes in an attempt to make them look worn in. But alas, we all grow up at some point and looking your best becomes the preferred state of being. So here is what you will need to become trustworthy in the eyes of a fictional Senator from California.





    Tools: Tine of wax-based polish, welt brush, polishing cloth (or, in a pinch, an old sock), horsehair buffering brush, old toothbrush.

    Begin by wiping down your shoe with a damp cloth and scrub with a damp welt brush. Not sure if you have a welt brush you say? You can purchase one here.

    Next, apply polish sparingly with your polishing cloth (an old sock wrapped around a couple of fingers works too) using a circular motion. For the “spit-shined” looked, you can dip the cloth in water, which helps the polish stuff the leather. The more you rub, the better; your shoe will develop a waxy, great looking finish. Let the polish dry for five to ten minutes.

    The next step is to buff your entire shoe with a cloth or brush for some time. A good rule of thumb is five minutes longer than you think is necessary. Remember, the more you polish, the better. For a little something extra, situate your shoe between your knees and buff the toe with a clean cloth.

    Lastly, use shoe edge dressing to finish out the edge of the sole and the heel. You can find some from Allen Edmonds here.

    Now that you can walk the streets in respectable shoes, you can rest easy knowing you are a trustworthy gent.

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