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  • Holiday Gift Event - Ox and Bull

    Black Friday was once a little movement for stores to present some great offers before the holidays. It has now become a shopping event that seems to last an entire month. Lucky for the shopper, we are embracing the gift giving season with a pre-Black Friday sales event. Shop classic cufflinks and men's accessories from menswear line Ox and Bull Trading Co. It is a favorite and has been recently worn on the red carpet by Ben Affleck, James Marsden, Dane Cook and Charles Kelly of Lady Antebellum just to name a few.



    For today only, we have 50 cufflinks for under $15. Stock up, save and gift to your heart's content.

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  • A Travel Plea - A Don't of Air Travel

    As a father of small children, I often think of what the world will look like for them. What will air quality reports look like? What will the cost of a gallon of gas be, will they even be using gas? What will the Lindsey Lohans or the Kardashians of 2040 be like? In a short period of time the internet has changed everything. We are constantly available to any and everyone. My 2 year old can find a clip of his beloved Lightning McQueen on an iPod and we can shoot that onto our television with an Apple TV. You can record a show through your phone if you forgot to at home. When I grew up, there were still rotary phones, speed dial and call waiting were the most advanced things a phone could do. I'm still stuck trying to figure out how a fax machine even works. Alas, life has advanced I proclaim as I type this on my laptop in flight….connected to the internet. With all of these improvements, are people the last to do so?


    don draper



    Let's back up a few days. It's Monday morning and I am headed to La Guardia sitting, writing, thinking. Thoughts of Don Draper hit my mind as he headed to bright and sunny Los Angeles. He wore a suit and drank scotch in his seat on Pan Am. I know look around the plane and as luck would have it, I'm assigned a seat next to a guy closer to Fred Sanford. He's taken the liberty of taking his sandals off and eating a roast beef 7:15 am. Not a good look and not a pleasant surprise, inches away from me as I embark on a 4 hour flight. I can't help but stare at my in-flight neighbor.  I'm not one to complain about the invasion of civil liberties, I am incredibly thankful for the TSA. And due to TSA requirements, I understand why people wear flip flops/sandals on a flight. It is one less thing to concern yourself with as you rush through security to your flight.  I appreciate comfort as much as the next guy, well not as much as the next guy on this particular flight, he's reached comfort levels well beyond my needs.


    vintage air travel



    One man's convenience is another man's discomfort. Let me get back on topic here, 7:15 am, 4 hour flight, sitting next to a bare foot, occasionally crossing the leg. A naked, dirty foot inches away from me. Not cool.





    As much as I would enjoy a tip of the hat to the 60's where air travel was an event and people dressed accordingly at this point I would take people with less than desirable feet to cover them up. Please. There are plenty of great looking shoes out there for your comfort needs gents, let's do better for our fellow travelers!


  • How to Shine Your Shoes

    Life with a pregnant wife is a lot like being 21 again. Endless cocktails, late/wild nights and the hangovers don't even get me started on the hangovers. Well....not really, it's a lot of sitting on the couch watching old seasons of television shows on Netflix. Which finally brings me to my point on shining your shoes, which you should do. In season 6 of the (amazing) West Wing, Alan Alda, aka Senator Vinick proclaims, "My father used to say, you can't trust a man who doesn't shine his own shoes." I immediately thought about my shoes sitting in my dark closet, unshined and a feeling of guilt set in. As a youth, I recall purposefully trying to scuff up new shoes in an attempt to make them look worn in. But alas, we all grow up at some point and looking your best becomes the preferred state of being. So here is what you will need to become trustworthy in the eyes of a fictional Senator from California.





    Tools: Tine of wax-based polish, welt brush, polishing cloth (or, in a pinch, an old sock), horsehair buffering brush, old toothbrush.

    Begin by wiping down your shoe with a damp cloth and scrub with a damp welt brush. Not sure if you have a welt brush you say? You can purchase one here.

    Next, apply polish sparingly with your polishing cloth (an old sock wrapped around a couple of fingers works too) using a circular motion. For the “spit-shined” looked, you can dip the cloth in water, which helps the polish stuff the leather. The more you rub, the better; your shoe will develop a waxy, great looking finish. Let the polish dry for five to ten minutes.

    The next step is to buff your entire shoe with a cloth or brush for some time. A good rule of thumb is five minutes longer than you think is necessary. Remember, the more you polish, the better. For a little something extra, situate your shoe between your knees and buff the toe with a clean cloth.

    Lastly, use shoe edge dressing to finish out the edge of the sole and the heel. You can find some from Allen Edmonds here.

    Now that you can walk the streets in respectable shoes, you can rest easy knowing you are a trustworthy gent.

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